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Lydia Yekalam - Logo Design

About a year ago, I created a logo for my friend's photography business. Lydia Yekalam wanted a unique mark that represented the style of her photos, yet simplistic enough to not distract from their beauty. Her original mark, which is featured in my portfolio, is structured and iconic. I used her initials (LY), to make up the shape of a camera, which gives her business a subtle personality within a sharp identity. 

Recently, Lydia came to me in need of a mark to pair with this one; something a little more versatile for her blog. She wanted a more hand-written, textural look that could identify with her writing style. When I begun researching and curating a mood board, I was looking at everything from modernist blogs, to textile designer and illustrator portfolios. I started playing with watercolor, cursive handwriting, and san-serif typefaces. These elements worked best, especially when tying into her photo style. I came to her with the following designs:

lydia logos.jpg

We landed on the first design. I was pleased with the final outcome (practicing with the pen tool on the Wacom tablet came in handy. Thanks, Larissa Barth.)

The final touch included adding "Third Space Blog" under her name, which was where I was able to pull in the typeface from her original mark, so that the two were different, but consistent. I am so excited for Lydia's success in her photography business, and for her to begin blogging about her new creative findings. 

PS. If you want to see her photos of me, click here ;)

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