Hailey Coral


Information Design Post 5

titanic-infographic 66bc19d90492a0d5a855946a9f2067eb

This infographic about the Titanic shows that time, statistics, and comparisons can be used even when representing a single point in time or an event. Visually, there is a lot of depth in the main focus of the graphic (the ship), which acts not only as a subject, but creates a story throughout the piece. In the bottom right, the chronology of sinking remains depth-like in the use of 3d space on the 2d poster. This depth is extremely useful because of what information it is portraying. However, in other parts of the poster, such as the bottom right, where the ship is being dissected, a flat design plays a bigger role. I contrasted this infographic which is very diverse and broken up against a very straightforward, combined infographic that has much less variety. Though I think there is validity to both of these approaches, I think that they serve different purposes and are therefore use different methods. The infographic on the right which compares education versus employment, does a very good job as still remaining separation and diversity through color, yet collectively allows the audience to quickly glance and find what they are looking for. In the titanic infographic, though the information is interesting to look around, it is more difficult to scan through and find what you are looking for. However, content again comes into play when it comes to this comparison, because in an informational poster about the titanic, one may not be sure what they are looking for in the first place, so it is okay if the poster is a little more fun and broken up.