Hailey Coral


Information Design Post 4

2078407857738_jAh0E6f7_l Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset This week I wanted to contrast two vastly different infographics in order to show how there is not a singular way to effectively display groups of information, and yet how storytelling seems to consistently play a role. In the first infographic shown, the frequency of blood groups in the Singapore donor population is shown in a red "droplet" made of paper. The information has a sort of "key" around the top, which still plays a role in the overall story. It is effective in giving us percentages in this key, and then visually displaying the information in the interesting graphic that gives us a quick-glance idea of what these different percentages look like when compared to one another. The information in this infographic is separated only by color, yet is effective in making the group visual still be distinctive. The coffee infographic on the other hand, which shows the different kinds of coffee served at Starbucks, is much more separated and distinctive in terms of space, yet the colors are consistent and do not play a role in showing the variety in drinks.The color is used to distinguish what is milk, foam, espresso, water, etc., but scale and shape is used to show the difference in each drink. Though this particular poster does have more words and explanation, it could have been just as effective with using a simplistic key to distinguish what each drink has, as the blood type poster uses. Both of these examples, though different in the way they use their "keys" distinguish differences while still showing consistency and togetherness.