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The fact that this reading starts out encouraging diversity in learning about design was refreshing. I have always found drawing and planning out my ideas before executing them to be so much more helpful in the long run, and that is just what this book suggests. Exploring different ways to sharpen your creative abilities is crucial in expanding your knowledge in not only creating, but also in general global learning. I also found the concept of “drawing to document” vs. “non-observational” drawing very stimulating.   I find myself using the design techniques that I have been taught to decipher almost every piece I either view or create. However, I miss the non-observational/abstract filter that I use to have, and that my non-design/art friends use when viewing and making art. This concept of drawing out ideas and recognizing form first in order to solve design problems encourages me to keep my initial thoughts on paper. I so appreciate that this book starts out talking about the importance of drawing by hand and what segments of the creative process are important to do digitally vs. on paper. The research process is also so important in your making sure your audience, concept, and mood are addressed in a strategic matter. (Graphic Design School. By: Dabner, Stweart, and Zempol)

After reading the first chapter of Graphic Design School, I watched several videos on not only the creative process of designers and artists, but of other the progressions other creative individuals take. I watched one video in particular which went behind the scenes of the creative process students went through in making video called “16th street,” which paired music and dance. It was so fascinating to me how similar the processes of design were to the steps these students took in creating the mood and feeling of their dance video. They talked about how the history and space of the building they chose gave a certain mood to the video, and how it was inspiring enough to shoot their dance in. They also talked about wanting melody and rhythm in the same ways designers crave those things in their work. The movement and collaboration of their “characters” in this video are things that designers and artists think about in their creative developments as well. The students discuss how acts 1,2, 3, etc. are planned out beforehand, but how the video really unfolds as its being shot. I find this to be so true in all aspects of design, and it is encouraging and overall inspiring to see how artists in all form take on creation in this way. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFtHAHARbJA)









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