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Sunsets + Mountains

Sunsets + Mountains

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My papa was the kindest and most sincere man I've ever known. Lewy Bodies Dementia not only took his life too soon and fast, but it also turned him into someone he wasn't.

Alzheimer's takes the lives of more people a year than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined. It is a disease that strips you of your personality, your dignity, and your life. And the worst part? There is no cure. 

In memory of my papa, I have painted cards of his favorite things (beach sunsets/sunrises and mountains). Every dollar spent on these hand painted cards is donated to the Alzheimer's Association in his name. Together, maybe we can help find a cure.

Vary in Size (Largest - 5.5" x 6" & Smallest - 4" x 3.7")

Gouache on Paper.

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