Hailey Coral

TK Threads

TK Threads teaches refugee women to sew and gives them a way to turn a potential downward spiral into a positive and hopeful moving cycle. This mark came from a combination of wanting to create an abstract “needle and thread” and turn it into something that was empowering and strong while implying a foundation of connectivity and community. This mark is meant to create a sense of unity while still showcasing individual empowerment. To see the full brand and brief, click here.

This mark was created at an event called "Branded" held at Seattle Pacific University, where several Social Venture business teams work with designers to create a logo mark, company aesthetic, assets, and overall brand for their proposed business plan in a 12 hour day. Once this identity is created, the Social Venture team uses this brand when competing in the SVP competition in which they are judged on "the significance of the social need being addressed, the ongoing impact of the venture, the likelihood that the plan can be successfully implemented, and the financial viability of the plan." TK Threads used this visual brand in their competition and won 2nd place in the 2015 Social Venture Plan Competition. They also received the People's Choice award and $3,500.